Acoustic Comfort System

IFI Acoustic Comfort System

“Poor hearing, caused by noise, has for some time been the number one illness in terms of frequency of the sixty-eight occupational illnesses recognised to date. Meanwhile, temporary hearing loss and tinnitus are becoming real social illnesses: the ear can’t cope any more. It tries to procure the silence it cannot find by rejecting other noises. If the soul does not manage to muffle noises, the body is forced to do so - and in a radical way.”


From “La calma dei monaci” (The calm of monks), Peter Seewald and Simone Kosog



Three decibels make the difference between the sound of waves breaking against the rocks and the placid, gentle movement of water on a tropical beach. Imagine the difference between working for a whole day, or even the whole year, in one environment rather than the other. Once again, IFI has thought about its operators’ wellbeing and their health, protecting them from one of the most common occupational illnesses: deafness. And not only that: for gelato-makers, the Acoustic Comfort System is a mark of its attention to its customers: guests in a more comfortable and relaxing environment, to be enjoyed with all five senses.