Events / Ifi eröffnet eine Niederlassung in Miami:

Ifi America Corporation

This operation will consolidate Ifi’s presence in the North American market, where its commercial network is already active on the East and West coast. Ifi America Corporation will take care of product storage activities, logistics, customer care, and support service. This new location will also be used to host events. There will be also an area where to show company’s technologies and design solutions for food and beverage locations.


Riccardo Quattrini – Ifi General Manager – after signing the contract that ratifies the beginning of Ifi America Corp.’s activities from January 2019, declared: “The new location in the United States is an important milestone for our internationalisation process, as we are already operating in over 100 countries, with a network of over 300 distributors, a branch in Dubai and two production sites in Shanghai and New Delhi, which are focused entirely on local markets. The expectations of growth in the American market are high. The aim is to double the turnover by 2020. And in order to achieve this goal, we’ve prepared a series of products specific for the US market and will attend more industry events, such as NRA in Chicago and IBIE in Las Vegas. We’ve presented the first product for the US market in January at Sigep. This product is called Panorama America, which combines a unique design with American consumers’ and professionals’ needs. Showrooms, technical support, warehouses, and on-site logistics will make us more competitive, reactive, and closer to customers in an innovation-oriented market, as the American one. And innovation is what we’ve been doing for more than fifty years.”


Gianfranco Tonti, Ifi president, declared: “Our presence in the US is the best way to introduce ourselves to the local market, but most of all, it allows us to understand the needs and details of such a huge market. If bars, restaurants, and pastry shops can be considered world cultural heritage, artisan gelato, internationalisation, and acculturation must proceed hand-in-hand. Exporting products of excellence implies a market that understands and appreciates the quality of these products. Ifi doesn’t just export design to the US and the rest of the world, but also exports the culture of Artisan Gelato as a good and healthy alternative to ice-cream, which holds a big slice of the cold-sweet market share.” In terms of nutritional and organoleptic properties, Artisan Gelato is a complete and natural product, made with fresh ingredients and it has all it takes to become a symbol of Italy just like coffee. Exporting this type of culture beyond Italy’s borders is a long-term and engaging mission. But even in this case, we’ve been innovative, as, since 2009, we’ve been investing in projects to promote Artisan Gelato around the world and giving our contribution to the European Parliament for establishing the European Artisan Gelato Day, which is celebrated every 24 March since 2013.”

Ifi America Corporation - Miami