Bellevue Panorama with chef Carlo Cracco at "I Weekend Del Gusto".


Villa Terzaghi - Robecco sul Naviglio.

The Bellevue Panorama® gelato display case by Ifi with the gelato chefs at "I Weekend Del Gusto" in the amazing location of Villa Terzaghi. The "Associazione Maestro Martino" initiative, signed by chef Carlo Cracco, provides a series of tasty appointments accompanied by storytelling about healthy eating, agriculture, sustainability, joyful distancing and solidarity. The weekends, a total of four, are dedicated to two world's favorite foods: gourmet pizza and artisanal gelato. A series of masters including gelato chefs: Massimiliano Scotti, Antonio Morgese, Antonio Mezzalira, Francesco Mastroianni, Eugenio Morrone, Marco Venturino, Sergio Dondoli, Lavinia Vannucci, Giancarlo Timballo, Enzo di Noia and Mauro Altomare, who during the “Weekend Del Gusto” will exhibit their creations inside Bellevue Panorama® by Ifi, ADI Compasso d'Oro Award.