University of Navarra: Gianfranco Tonti and Marc Sadler about “Design: a link between enterprise and new markets”.  

IFI at the second appointment of «Business & Design» meetings, promoted by Universidad de Navarra, Confederaciòn de Empresarios and Centro Europeo de innovación of Navarra.

Multiple award-winning designer Marc Sadler and the President of IFI Gianfranco Tonti are the main speakers of this second conference. They will discuss with students, companies and present public about “Design: a link between enterprise and new markets”.  

The seminar will examinate with practical examples how a  good project, in the wider sense, may have a positive impact on business activities and everyday life.

A meeting aimed to deeply analyze the pairing of «Business and Design», an intense and nowadays important cooperation, as both designer and president confirm:

«Dialogue between design and enterprise is crucial in our contemporary global context. Technological innovation processes are not sufficient unless they are supported by cultural innovation processes. Managing the design in innovation contexts is therefore a tool for competition and is absolutely necessary for modern enterprises.» - Marc Sadler

«Manufacturing can only be feeded by projects. So design world is what each enterprise has to practice, in a flow of ever changing needs.» - Gianfranco Tonti