The first titanium gelato spatula

Conceived to add value to the artisan gelato profes­sionals, Spal was born from ifi’s meeting with Alessi and designer Giulio Iacchetti.

Spal is the most natural extension of the gelato maker’s hand. Titanium, the curvature and the ambi­dextrous handle create a light and precise spatula. An object that reveals a constant desire for perfect­ing every single element in the art of gelato.
As a key tool for gelato, the spatula finds a new answer from the collaboration between Alessi and ifi.
Spal chooses titanium, a metal with excellent performance. It is durable, it has biocompatibility and high antibacterial properties. It is gentle with gelato thanks to its low thermal conductivity. Like a caress, this material respects the harmonious balance of this food.

Spal comes in 3 sizes: small size well-suited for storage in pozzetti counters, medium size, and large for deeper display cases and for minimizing the gelato maker’s exposure to cold. The grip is made of tritan, a polymer that is suitable for food use and dishwasher safe.

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