The column is the load-bearing and iconic element of classical antiquity. The inspiring element of the pastry display case lies in the solid formal purity of the column, which has its name and essence in common with the architectural element. An essence that expresses itself in supporting the horizontal display and containing the intelligence and technological heart of the display case.

The heart of Colonna is:
Transparency: the case disappears to fully serve and exalt the pâtisserie products preserved and displayed.

Sophisticated technology with a patented lever system, the sliding trays tip over –when opened- to facilitate the movements of the Master confectioner.

Light: it can be modulated in 3 different shades of white.

The same formal simplicity is found in the back counter - like an illuminated projection of Colonna, almost as if it were extracted from that empty space - which serves as worktop and support surface in the centre of a structure for holding serving items and utensils.
The Colonna display case uses single and double-glazed tempered heated glass and food-grade paints for the internal surfaces.

The cylindrical part is characterized by a downward sloping hole texture.

Colonna is designed in two configurations with 2 or 3 sliding trays in the models 47.24’’ and 68.90”, connectable to each other.

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