The first titanium gelato spatula

The design factory, a well-guided pencil, the constant strive for research and an innovative material.

Spal was born from ifi’s meeting with Alessi and designer Giulio Iacchetti: main characters of a design and manufacturing path to discover new scenarios of dialogue between different worlds.

Common base is the research on an innovative material: titanium.

A metal with excellent performance: light and durable, it has biocompatibility and high antibacterial properties; titanium has a low thermal conductivity, which makes it perfect in contact with gelato.

The spatula is the basic object in gelato shops, and Spal was conceived to add value to the artisan gelato professionals.

Its curvature has been designed to follow the proper movements of shaping gelato, following the professional’s gestures as a natural extension, and and the ambidextrous handle is made of tritan, a polymer suitable for food use.

Spal sums up an entire way of thinking, which places emphasis on research, good design, hygiene, continuous observation and the will to transform objects in order to make them close to our times.